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love this shit.

what do you hate the most about yourself?

My smile.

what do you hate most about everyone else?

Musical taste

what do you love about yourself?

My anatomically correct penis. It looks fake.

what do you love about everyone else?

The idea that they have the potential to admire me.

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?

I think too much and I'm anti-social.

about your looks?

That I look like a Jew. I'm Hispanic. Fuck you. I made a rhyme.

Most common compliment about your personality?

"You so funny and intellegent, your such a good person." BLAH BLAH BLAH

about your looks?

My lips, and eyes. Everyone likes those. Now recently my hair has become a target as well.

If you could be anything what would it be?

I would be heartache

Why are you weird?

I don't know ask them. :: points finger in opposite direction ::

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever

My exsistence has been encapsulated by your being. The battles I have fought through out my life time have been drenched in sin and my deeds caressed by the vices of the world. All of the broken promises and false truths beat down on my resilience to the point of no return. Then suddenly from out of the endless abyss a new bond was formed. Shrouded in darkness and surrounded by night, your pressence opened every exit in my house of torment. This heart bleeds no longer and again it will sustain a life thought to be formally lost. You have made the sun rise only to drive away the black. You have granted me tranquility and restored the glory of my struggles. I want to tell you everything in only three words. You are my reflection but I feel acrimonious towards the past. I have embedded shards of myself underneath the skin of former lovers in hopes that any attempt to remove me would cause pain...even if only temporary. I could only wish to grant your desires. The anticipation is caustic in nature and it eats me alive. I remember the first words you said. The taste of our first kiss. How I have fallen head first into this raging river known only as bliss. Your beautiful eyes...they were bathed in iridescence. You looked up to me only to smile. I nicknamed this haystack "the world" and I called the needle by your name.

What is it to be beautiful? Ignorant and shy.

What is it to be weird? Accused and misunderstood.

Where did you promote? I don't work for free. If i get in I might feel compelled to do so

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