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let's do this like a prison break, i wanna see you scream and shake !


what do you hate the most about yourself?:
Habitually, my mindset is designed to be attracted to everything and anything that is bad for me..

what do you hate most about everyone else?:
I can't generalize my hate, but I will say I strongly dislike cults, people who associate a way of life with the clothes people wear, the music they listen to, or the people they try to measure up to. I mean, ICP cults with jugalos and jugalettes are pretty amusing, but anyone who takes Iron Maiden or Marilyn Manson and takes it to a level of religious beliefs, needs to go. . .

what do you love about yourself?:
I have little inhibitions, in the long run, that's probably not something too admirable, but for the adolescent part of my life where I'm learning to grow as a person, I like the fact that I'm pretty open minded about my oppurtunities.

what do you love about everyone else?:
I can't collaborate my adorations for EVERYONE into one response, but I love people who are open minded and opinionated. I like people who are versatile, who can't be cookie cut into a stereotype, and I tend to like assholes. After all, theres nothing wrong with a little bit of rage..

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?:
That I am a liar. I tend to create situations that are based on lies...I just think life is a lot more interesting if you don't take everything too seriously and look at it from the deviant perspective. Deviance is what makes life interesting... Annabel has said that I'm apathetic, perhaps I am.

about your looks?:
I'm obsessive compulsive with my black eyeliner as well as my weight, I go on terrible diets where I lose 10 lbs in a week, and then gain it back the next, I'm completely imbalanced and set in my ways. I don't know what's good for me..

Most common compliment about your personality?:
I'm very open minded and without question random, but I've been told I'm very loving and nurturing, I'm no mother may i but I care a lot about people, probably more than I should.

If you could be anything what would it be?:
I would have a different answer for everyday of my life, I aspire to be so many things.. a pilot, a sideshow act, a record company executive....but really, if I could be anything, it would be anything we don't believe exists, something that we subset to be a mythical creature...like a siren or a fairy

Why are you weird?:
I'm fucking out of my mind... weird? why am i weird? why not?

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:

Ahhh two paragraphs? well now, uhm...I guess we can talk about the uhaul truck? Storytime kids, Okay, so it's this guy's prom night, this cute little M.I.T. kid who is actually a licensed pilot...and we go to the little shindig, get a little drunk, homie dance a bit, and then in the middle of it I get a call from one of the rebels saying they want rebecca and I to come hang out in new jersey. So, since we're heartless bastards who barely know our dates, we split. . . get this guy to drive us to Jersey. and we listen to T.rex the HWOLE way there singing at the top of our lungs...ohh yeahh, and end up in NJ with everyone already fucking asleep, so I wake up Patti . . .and he says he wants to take me to the uhaul truck. I'm telling you, ladies and gents, a uhaul truck to any band member, is a cot, storage space and wood with their pillow and blanket. it' not a place to sleep, let alone a place to fuck, but of course we did for like an hour in every uncomfortable poisition possible, shaking the uhaul truck and van like crazy to wake up the people in the van, and give me bruises on every inch of my body, in all the madness, my bra and underwear ended up in the gutter and I was bare the entire weekend. This guy was a virgin when we first got together, now he's a fiend. He was recently persuaded to get a LETS FUCK tattoo across his chest...and of course, its in large bold lettering and he thinks it's the funniest thing...I can just imagine his 85 year old body withering away with LETS FUCK maintaining its shocking responses to the ladies at bingo night.

My name is kristi and I have sex in Uhaul trucks.

What is it to be beautiful?:
Being beautiful is conceptual, but I believe that individuality is beautiful...raw beauty is conceptually beautiful, not so much natural, but significantly different.

What is it to be weird?
To be weird, is to be yourself, projecting all imperfections and having an honest perspective to every aspect of your personality, to be different without any influential input...or at least, considerably different without any manipulative persuasions as to who you are.

Where did you promote?: the jugalo chatroom.

.judge me.

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