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what do you hate the most about yourself?: Now why in the heck would I hate myself? That wouldn't be a very nice thing to do! Maybe the fact that I can only be tamed by virgins.

what do you hate most about everyone else?: I almost hate the fact that hate exists in a world. At the same time, I know it's there for a reason and that there's a top and a bottom, no matter how good things are.

what do you love about yourself?: That I am a unicorn, I'm not just an ordinary horse, I am a unicorn and a person too!

what do you love about everyone else?: That they aren't unicorns but are still mysterious.

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?: That I am a big space case.

about your looks?: That sometimes I dress too much like a boy.

Most common compliment about your personality?: I can listen well and people also trust me.

about your looks?: My eyes.

If you could be anything what would it be?: I would be a glam slam rockstar, rock and rolling all over your heart like it was my stage in purple satin pajamas.

Why are you weird?: Sometimes people are a little put off by my Unicorn aspect.

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:

It's trashy in the city, and the wind blows everything every which way. You hold hands through the clubs, your bodies entwined. He is the love of your life. Perfection with blue bangs in ripped Levis. Not to mention the sheen of sweat that beads on his forehead when he's really playing his bass. He makes love to that thing with his fingers, his hair's a fucked up halo of red from the lights behind when he plays it. He is the spy that learned all your secrets and you drink champagne in the bath and love him. The wind blows him halfway across the continent, leaving you to sew dresses and write poetry in glitter all over them.
Other boys love you too, and you know they do. Boys who wear pink wigs and pink lipstick but aren't young at all. They swear something terrible but you love them all. You are standing in the middle of it, dressed in pajama pants with your pale hips jutting out. You are a benevelont mother to the scene. We remember when we were punk rock queens, worshiping the Scenester Queen.

What is it to be beautiful?: It's not about being a size zero or having the latest clothes, that's for damn sure. It's about how you carry yourself and how you care about other people. It's not about what you liked, it's about what you WERE like.

What is it to be weird?: Being weird is not about going outside the norm, per se. Maybe it's just about doing whatever makes you happy (without hurting others, of course). Just doing fun little things or having adventures. Or pretending you are a unicorn all the time.

Where did you promote?: my lj.

meow meow, everybody likes kittens.

it is good to have that "psycho killer" photo - just in case.

i <3 stuff!
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