kill hill (siamesexpistol) wrote in beautifulweird,
kill hill

what do you hate the most about yourself?: I try to avoid using the word hate. i have to love myself, every single part of me. If i cant learn to love myself, then it's hard for me to love other people. love has to start with you.

what do you hate most about everyone else?: I hate how petty and depressed america is today. I hate how no one is happy anymore due to such simple things that shouldnt matter, but do, because our society deems it 'unhealthy.'

what do you love about yourself?: That i have the ability to listen

what do you love about everyone else?: To be honest, i just love humans. I love how each person is so insanely different. I love characteristics that you can only find one one person. we're all so one of a kind.

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?: I'm to brutally honest, and i often get misunderstood by it

about your looks?: That i'm too pale.

Most common compliment about your personality?: I argue fairly.

about your looks?: I often get comments on how i put myself togther. I've had people tell me that theyre always excited to see me, and what new outfit ive created. i love clothes.

If you could be anything what would it be?: A Big person in a small group of people.

Why are you weird?: because i don't have room to be anything else

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:

its from the book Tuesday's With Morrie. And being me, i had to mix up the lines a bit to add a small pinch of my originality to it. Its all true though, the way life should be. ->Or in my eyes. Oh and that book sucks. he repeats his super ideas so much. And you know he's going to die. The author, Mitch something, Yeah man. If he can write a book, so can i.

What is it to be beautiful?: You cant totally define what beauty. its an emotion that you feel when you see, hear, or touch something that moves you and effects greatly.

What is it to be weird?: to be weird is to totally think outside the box. its to be distorted and obscure
Where did you promote?: ? wha?

of course. pictures.

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