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My soul will never be mainstreamed

what do you hate the most about yourself?: The result of my quixotic fantasies, spreading myself too thin among the things I love and want to do good for.

what do you hate most about everyone else?: The fact that so few people dare to challenge themselves, ever.

what do you love about yourself?: My passion

what do you love about everyone else?: Their passions

what is the most common critiscm you recive about your personality?: I'm always "too". I'm "too" loud, too intense, too craving. I'm exhausting. I make you think, I'm blatantly sexual. I'm "too" intelligent, I strive....

about your looks?: I can't remember direct targeted comments with any merit. I'm very comfortable in my body. Of course, I've gotten the random lob of "fat" a few times.

Most common compliment about your personality?: Beautifully intense and haunting.
about your looks?: Eyes, Hair, strength...

If you could be anything what would it be?: I'd be myself. It's snowflake.
Why are you weird?: I think about things differently, I analyze, I don't mind looking foolish. I love spelling things correctly and random esoteric references. I grew up without a television.

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:
I hate limitations on how one should write. Don't give me word-counts or tell me which form is acceptable, we're not in high school anymore Dorothy. If you must use a divining rod, tell us which story to tell. And then let the writers roam free. Don't say, please, yourself in 500 words. Myself explodes out of five hundred words, and even out of the one thousand five hundred words I wrote to get into my first choice college.
That same college I could not afford. I think it's a real crime, the fiscal unjustice that is continually perpetuated in our society. Everyone should have access to healthy water, air, and food. My being years for things to be more complete. Move beyond your fences and lawns, and dare to walk in the wilds of yourself and the world.

What is it to be beautiful?: To live in your passion
What is it to be weird?: To live in your passion unencumbered by society's suggested icings.
Where did you promote?: My own lj... once there starts to be coherent members.

[The pictures are taken from a smattering of events. But, that's how I appeared in them. If you want glamour poses, they could come later., eh?]
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