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What if in fact, you're just disgusting?

what do you hate the most about yourself?:That I worry so much about who I am, and if I'm being the right person.
what do you hate most about everyone else?: That they make me uncomfortable.
what do you love about yourself?: That I am good at having fun, and being positive.
what do you love about everyone else?: That they give me experiences I can't have on my own.

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?: That I'm annoying.
about your looks?: My hair needs to be brushed.
what is the most common compliment about your personality?: That I am crazy and funny.
about your looks?:that I am beautiful.

If you could be anything what would it be?:Gainfully employed and free to live my life however I please. Probably a theife and nomad. If I could be a gypsy I would do it.

Why are you weird?: Because I can't help it.

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:
Okay, I don't know if I can write 2 paragraphs right now. But like, I dunno you know. God. this is harder then I thought it would be. Stupid me. Maybe it will work out fo rhte best. Either way. You know. I really like the chicago soundtrack.

The thing that I like the most about musical sound tracks is that when I listen to them I think I could actually be the people in the musical. Like I feel like I could do a better job then they do. I prolly could. I'm talented like that.

What is it to be beautiful?: I think being beautiful is something that the person who is beautiful either is or isn't. Usually the most beautiful people don't even know.
What is it to be weird?: weird, is when you make other people feel uncomfortable. For a number of reasons. There is just shit about you that, you know. other people don't get.

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yes please, and thank you.
I think it's weak how you can't even muster up enough to fill out your own application. I like being unsure of what I think, that means I'm going in new directions. Rating communities scare me, but this one migh bloom beautiful. Please fix the coding on the front page- it's ugly and persons can't read any of the entry-text.
I just might apply.
Your first two pictures do nothing for you. You're "projecting", but there isn't any beauty pouring through your eyes.
Your third picture is fucking amazing. I wanted to stare at it. It captured the tension you have around your mouth, and all these planes and angles of yourself. Use that picture more often. It's the most beautiful picture I've ever seen of you.
And I hope it looks like you. So many people like to post pictures of themselves that are glam but not then. That third picture makes me feel as if I've seen you at a really important time.
And it's beautifully weird.
I'm happy you like the third picture. Thats me. Thats totally me.

I dunno whats up with the html on the front page. I just chose a layout and a color scheme. I dunno what I missed on the app... um. I'll add some more pics though.

I would love to have you apply. Eventhough I'm not sure who you are, you would be a great person to have around.