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application :)

what do you hate the most about yourself?: I need to learn when helping people out has gone too far and they're just using me, but I still love helping out.
what do you hate most about everyone else?: That they can think they know anything and everything and let no one else get a word in edge wise, how most people thing lying through life is acceptable, and how more people need to be nice.
what do you love about yourself?: I am greatful every day that my brain isn't against me and I can cooperate with myself because a lot of people can't and it's not anyone's fault.
what do you love about everyone else?: I love senses of humor and everyone must have one deep down inside and I love people watching just seeing how we're all natural and beautiful.

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?: That I can be ditzy or too logical in an off beat way... lol or when I'm in a car that some times I can spaz.
about your looks?: I'm chubby so I always get "you'd be so much more beautiful if you just lost some weight." isn't that fun? I'm also really pale with freckles and it does hurt when tan people tease me it's almost prejudice some times.

If you could be anything what would it be?: mutually in love with some one and had a bunch of crazy adventures until the day we die.

Why are you weird?: Where to begin? haha. I live in a small town in the woods but I don't let the conservative preppy or hick mind set get to me and I listen to all sorts of music and don't have the perfect body.
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