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My soul will never be mainstreamed

what do you hate the most about yourself?: The result of my quixotic fantasies, spreading myself too thin among the things I love and want to do good for.

what do you hate most about everyone else?: The fact that so few people dare to challenge themselves, ever.

what do you love about yourself?: My passion

what do you love about everyone else?: Their passions

what is the most common critiscm you recive about your personality?: I'm always "too". I'm "too" loud, too intense, too craving. I'm exhausting. I make you think, I'm blatantly sexual. I'm "too" intelligent, I strive....

about your looks?: I can't remember direct targeted comments with any merit. I'm very comfortable in my body. Of course, I've gotten the random lob of "fat" a few times.

Most common compliment about your personality?: Beautifully intense and haunting.
about your looks?: Eyes, Hair, strength...

If you could be anything what would it be?: I'd be myself. It's snowflake.
Why are you weird?: I think about things differently, I analyze, I don't mind looking foolish. I love spelling things correctly and random esoteric references. I grew up without a television.

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:
I hate limitations on how one should write. Don't give me word-counts or tell me which form is acceptable, we're not in high school anymore Dorothy. If you must use a divining rod, tell us which story to tell. And then let the writers roam free. Don't say, please, yourself in 500 words. Myself explodes out of five hundred words, and even out of the one thousand five hundred words I wrote to get into my first choice college.
That same college I could not afford. I think it's a real crime, the fiscal unjustice that is continually perpetuated in our society. Everyone should have access to healthy water, air, and food. My being years for things to be more complete. Move beyond your fences and lawns, and dare to walk in the wilds of yourself and the world.

What is it to be beautiful?: To live in your passion
What is it to be weird?: To live in your passion unencumbered by society's suggested icings.
Where did you promote?: My own lj... once there starts to be coherent members.

[The pictures are taken from a smattering of events. But, that's how I appeared in them. If you want glamour poses, they could come later., eh?]
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i think your cute, but i hated how you used the word esoteric, and your app wasnt fun to read.

I would give you a no, but we dont have many memebers, so i guess i'll give you a yes. Every community needs the boring, snobby "intellect."
i forgot to add a few things:
lj cut please? the whole thing? =)

i would have liked you more if your app was a little more light hearted and casual. the serious tone did not.. work...

anyway, i'm looking forward to bashing other people's ego's to the ground with you,
Alrighty, I will certainly lj-cut the whole thing.
Interesting how you presumed that I was a boring snobby intellect. Interesting because I've never been accused of that before.
Didn't mean to take a serious tone, generally don't get that applied to me either.

Look, learning things already. How wonderful.
I like you, I think you are very defensive and feel like you always have to prove yourself or something. I like that this community is becoming a circle of people who are smarter then me. I really liked your two paragraphs.

I think you are a fun girl, but you are worried and angry about alot of stuff.

I don't like that weird podium picture.

I really liked your first picture.
Do you have more like that?
also. You need to promote NOW. not when you think there are enough coherent members.

Promoting is the way to get more members. we need them.
i liked that podium pic
Totally 80's
yes thats why i like it
dont get me wrong, i dont like her
i like the pic
slightly off. the podium pic is from BatBoy the musical. That was a great moment in the show- the show set in a very backwater town in Virginia.
The pajama picture is from Ikke Ikke Nye Nye Nye- a Lanford Wilson one act. That was my most fun show to work on.

I love musical theatre, and drape myself with it.
I'm beginning to understand the danger in ratings communities....

You're acclaiming yourselves for being beautiful weird, but not accepting persons who are beautifully weird in different ways. Because I'm intellectual, this means that I'm not fun? Directly the opposite my darling- my fun is better than the Cat in the Hat's; but with not dissimilar focus.

It seems as if you're only begrudgingly accepting me into this community. Really then, don't bother.
oh god. such drama. the real deal is we need people to join, or else it will be mad boring or it would be dead. or, we will sound like old ladies our whole lives.

are we begrudgingly accepting you.
we are not doing anything begrudgingly.
I just don't like that podium pic. I thouht it was from bat boy, either that or you have a lazy school that doesn't ever take down props. eitherway.

god. you sound so pretencious, actually, i don't even know if thats the right word. I just imagine you being very, i dunno.

but you are more then welcome here.
more then welcome.

you put up a boring tedious and useless fight. did i say that you seem defensive?

okay. well thats it.


February 28 2004, 02:36:19 UTC 13 years ago

my god.
you people sound so weird and catty. like old-fashionedly bitchy and codesending.

this is the fucking internet, you irritating snobs. get over yourself and stop the retarded fucking posturing.
No no my darling, I've given up postering. Thrown it to the wind with self-doubt.
But with this being the internet, it's proper to sign one's name to statements- so why are you afraid of revealing who you are.

This is me. It may not encompass all of me, but it did pretty well for the moment in which I submitted that application. I can't properly describe how "relaxed" or "fun" I am. I can tell you I talk about pouncing, exploding, and succulence a lot. I can tell you I don't live distinct from my sexuality- but darlings, this is me, all of me.

And I like it a lot.
shut up zach.