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im a hustler baby, i get down to business

what do you hate the most about yourself?: How clingy i get to people and objects. even trash, before i throw anything out, i have to think really hard about it.

what do you hate most about everyone else?: I don't really hate anything, except for when people say really childish things like "oh man dudes im totally gonna like trainhop cross country to cali and like im totally gonna do it." i dont like talk, i like action.

what do you love about yourself?: i love how good i am at dirty talk. jk, im actually really bad to it when im put on the spot, but when im masterbating, im like shakespear.

what do you love about everyone else?: I love how generally, people love to be forgiving, and i love that everyone has something in common: sexuality... its so tabboo, yet... normal..... you can get into an interesting and tantilizing conversation about it with anyone

what is the most common critisim you recive about your personality?: hmm not many people say mean things to me to my face, but i think i am probably too clingy, and sometimes i can have really low self esteem- which probably annoys other people

about your looks?: i dont really dislike anything about the way my face or body is, but more like, the way i fuck up my hair/makeup/ect. whenever i have a problem with my body, its usually because of something i did, like cut my own bangs, put on stupid eye shadow that i dont notice is stupid untill i leave my house.

Most common compliment about your personality?: probably that i;m a good listener, and that i can carry a conversation well.

about your looks?: i think a lot of people like my facial structure and my eyes. yah and my nipples too.

If you could be anything what would it be?: oh man i want to be like a little forrest feary with big big eyes and crazy hair, and i want to be naked and run around, screaming. i want to have a little feary boy to run with too, and i want to play with baby foxes and bunnies and other baby animals with him.

Why are you weird?: i dont think im really weird, im just a wannabe. totally fucking poser man.

Write two paragraphs about something, anything, a story a rant, whatever:
oh man your totally putting me on the spot, that sucks. i usually dont like rating communities, but after bashing that last girl, i changed my mind, now i l.o.v.e it. So talking about love, i had an amazing fucking valentines day. my xboyfriend was being a total sweety pie and made everything perfect and wonderful. of course im still in love with him but i cant let go. he doesnt like me anymore boo.
but that kinda shit is boring, heres the real dirt.. ive had sex with melanie griffiths son and and and and and ive had sex with liek 18 other uninteresting people. but you know what, it doesnt matter, because that was all like charity, because now they cant go around to different rating comunities, and write in the "write two cool paragraphs" section about me. that will get them accepted.

What is it to be beautiful?: hmm i think as long as you think your beautiful, and your totally like insano obsessive about it, its all that matters, you create your own reality, if you beleive your beautiful, and your crazy enough not to let other peoples meaness penetrate you or something, then you are beautiful bc thats what you believe.

What is it to be weird?: this is so relative, i dont think i could give any acceptable answer, but then again, if the questions you asked DID have acceptable answers, you would have anything to bother me about. being weird is not being normal.

Where did you promote?: in my livejournal

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